Super Easy DIY 1st Birthday Milestone Foam Chalkboard

Easy DIY Chalk Board

If you are looking for a fun, stress-free, budget-friendly, creative idea to make your own first birthday party chalkboard, look no further because this DIY is the perfect project for you and your family!

The fun part is that anybody in the family can add to it, including an older sibling. You can also cut and customize the board to the size and shape you want!

For my daughter’s first birthday party, I really wanted to have a chalk board with some of her fun achieved milestones. So, I checked a couple of craft stores, but I wasn’t lucky enough to find anything on the size I wanted.

So I went ahead and decided to make my own board. I erred towards simplicity and all ended up really well!

Just so you know, I didn’t cut my board because it was already the perfect size for my project. If you have more time than I did, you can also decorate the edges of the board to your taste which is not a bad idea.

I decided to keep the edges of my board the way it was just for simplicity and time purposes but I might add on it if I have to use the same board in another future project.

So without further ado, follow me while I show you how easy and simple is to make this awesome improvised chalk foam board. You just have to promise me that you are going to have fun!

Here is what you are going to need:

– 2 foam chalk board

– *3 extra pieces of white foam board to glue on the back of the the chalk board to help to secure the them in place. I used two 16×1 ½ inches for the edges and one 4×2 ½ on the center of the board.

– Modge pod glue.

-1 box of colored chalk

-1 box of white chalk

* The pieces of white board should be cut to the size of your board desired size.

Make it:


Place both chalk foam boards one on the side of each other with the black side down.  I used two 30×20 inches board.

20160710_203311 (1)

Now, glue the side pieces of white foam board (16×1 ½ inches) to the top and bottom where the boards were joined together.


Then place the small white foam piece (4×2 ½) on the center between both boards.


It will look like something like this. .

My board didn’t stay perfectly joined, especially when looking from the front chalk side.

So, here is what I did to have those boards looking their best prior to use them.


I turned the chalk side down and put the part that the board join each other over a big dumbbell. Doing so will press the board in and up from the dark chalk side to the white back side.

All this was done with the glue still fresh and I let it finish drying overnight and that worked perfectly!

I used a 20 pounds weight dumbbell, but you can use anything else that will press the junction up such as bottles or even a thick blanket. Be creative!


To complete, I first added two towels on each side of the board.

I then had to use a three pound dumbbell to weigh the sides further down while the dumbbell was pushing the center up.

The extremities of the boards will then fold slightly down before the glue drys completely. It will help to bring them really close together at the front.

Make sure that you use something heavy enough to really help weighing the sides down though.

20160710_163529 (1)

Next, you just have to write on your brand new board!

Remember to clean up any excess chalk on your board after writing down on it. If you have no idea of what to write, here is a photo of my board. Feel free to take a peek at it and get some ideas to write on your own!

Note that the board won’t be straight like a piece of plywood. Instead it will have a slight arc shape. That wasn’t a problem for us at all since it will stand on its own without an easel. You definitely can use an easel if you have one.

Also, the junction really doesn’t show that much which is a win!

I hope you enjoyed this DIY and that you got inspired to make your own budget-friendly chalk board! Remember to always have fun and focus on what really matters to you. Enjoy!

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