Beautiful DIY Floral Letter

DIY Floral Letter

Spring is just around the corner, and today I’ll be showing you how to craft this beautiful DIY floral letter that I made for my toddler’s and my soon-to-be baby’s room/nursery. The fun thing is that you can make it for different occasions such as weddings or baby showers.

Beautiful DIY Floral Letter

This DIY is pretty straightforward BUT there are a few tips and tricks that I learned along the way that will make all the difference when you make yours. Of course I’ll be sharing them all with you! You’re welcome!

I was inspired by some cool work I have seen on Etsy shops and on Pinterest during what I would like to call my “mommy nesting time.” Oh well, here we go again. Why not?

For this project, I used artificial flowers. I blended the usual fake flowers with those silk fake ones.

Silk flowers are more expensive and have a more silky texture to it which gives the flower a more ‘real’ flower look. I also noticed that they are a bit easier to handle and hold better together than the non-silk ones.  BUT you can make it with WATHEVER kind of artificial flowers you would like to.

I blended mine to be more cost effective and used coupons to get the costs down. To be on the safe side, I purchased more than I needed, so I ended up returning the ones I didn’t use.

If you don’t know from where to start with your flowers, try to first arrange them on top of your letter prior to gluing them. This will give you a better idea where the flowers should go!

Here is what you are going to need:

–        Artificial Flowers

–        Foam board

–        Glue gun

–        Letter pattern (optional)

–        Sharpie/pencil/pen

–        Utility knife

–        Scissors

–        Wire snips

–        Command strips

–        CREATIVITY!

Let’s do this!



Let’s start by placing your foam board on a solid surface to start drawing your letter. I used a thin foam board.

This is the base you will cut your letter from and glue your flowers on. You can also use other bases like thicker foam, letter cast form, cardboard or wood letters. I have not tried those but have seen a bunch of people using them and they are very easy to find in your local craft store.



Start by putting your letter pattern on the board and drawing the letter. I used a 14-inch pattern that I printed from the internet, but this is totally optional. You can just draw your letter if you prefer and design it any size you want.

I tweaked the letter “J” a little bit to have the exact design I wanted.

Depending on the surface you will be working on, remember to put a piece of cardboard under the foam board to protect that surface before cutting out the letter with the utility knife.



Now you have your letters! It will look something like this if you use the same foam board I used! Exciting huh?


Now let’s talk flowers…

When choosing your flowers, consider the size of the letter you’ll work on. I first bought huge flowers for the size of my letters and I ended up not using them.



This is optional, but you can buy small flowers to complement the big ones. I named them the “fillers.” The small flowers will give a bit of twist to your project and fill up those gaps not covered by the big ones.


Now it’s time to remove your flowers from the steam.

Two things here: First, careful doing that. Some of the flowers will be glued to the stems permanently. In that case you’ll need scissors or wire snips to separate the flower from the stem. If you try to remove the flower by pulling it, you might lose an entire flower like I did. Silk flowers are less likely to be like that.




Second, after detaching the flowers, cut the remaining stem. Here you want to be cautious too. You want to cut the stem to give the flowers a flatter look when it lays on the letter base, BUT make sure that you do not cut too much because when you add the hot glue it can melt the remaining plastic stem of the flowers.



I also trimmed some leaves underneath the flower for a less greenish look, but it is totally up to you guys.


Hot glue time!

Now start applying hot glue on the back of the flower. Work on one flower at a time. If you use foam board for this project, a little bit of glue goes a long way. Use the amount you think will be enough for the type and size of flowers you will be using.

Careful here with the stems of flowers made ONLY with plastic. I found the plastic kind to be more common in the “filler” flowers. The hot glue will melt the stem very quickly, so cut it a little bigger than the size you need and adjust as you go.

A good tip here is that if your stem is melting quickly as you apply glue, blow on the flower right away and then immediately glue it down to the letter base.


Work in progress…

Now to hang your letter! There are a few ways you can hang your letter. You can use a small bracket if you want, but I went on the cheap side – which is not less attractive – to hang my piece of art. I used some command strips I had handy.

The cheapest thing you can do – and I would’ve done it if I didn’t have the strips already – is to glue a ribbon or thin cord on the back of your letter and tie a knot to hang. You can also just make a loop with the ribbon and glue it on the back of the letter.

NOTE: If you are hanging a wood letter, make sure you use something appropriate for it. Make sure that the ribbon, brackets or command strips you will be using will do the job well especially if you are going to hang it over a crib or a bed.

Here is the end result of this project!

DIY Floral Letter

If you tried this project, leave me a comment below! I would love to hear how that turned out for you.

 And if you liked and found this tutorial helpful, don’t forget to share the love!

I’ll see you around the blog,


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