How to Wash Your Cloth Diapers

How to Wash Your Cloth Diapers

How to wash your cloth diapers can be very particular but there is something that every family who uses them wants: a routine that works!

Every parent who cloth diaper, has their own way to wash/clean and care for their diapers. If you are new to cloth diapers you might see that everybody has a different routine suitable for their needs and reality.

When I first started using cloth diapers, my biggest resources were online. I didn’t know anybody around that had or was having any experience with those diapers today.

If you find yourself in the same boat, don’t worry about that! Overtime, you will also find your own way to clean your cloth diapers and see what works for you and your family’s routine best. But of course it will help get some tips from other parents online.

How did I wash my cloth diapers at the very beginning?

At the very beginning of my journey, I lived in a second floor apartment complex with a shared laundry room. I started out washing all my diapers by hand! Crazy huh? Yes, nuts.

I thought that washing them by hand would save us time- I wouldn’t be going up and down the stairs to go to the laundry room- and it would save us some money not paying to use the machines too often. What I was thinking people?

Soon, I found out that that method wouldn’t work for long. Who wanted to do that? Certainly not me!

Besides that, my diapers weren’t being cleaned well enough by hand so I started using the laundry very very soon. It was a bit more work going to the laundry room but definitely worth.

From the beginning to now, my routine washing the diapers has changed a lot, so will yours too. I went from living in an apartment complex paying to do my laundry, to a house where I have my own washer and drier.

Also, as your child grows, the time frame to wash your diapers will change. So go with the flow…

I am into the idea of using biodegradable and gentle soaps to wash the diapers and all my laundry in general. This is due to some skin patches I started having on my skin a few years back and my daughter’s constant eczema and skin irritation- without a solid reason- flare ups.

This kind of soap might cost a bit more but we budget for it and at the end, I have peace of mind knowing that it will be more gentle on our skin and also on the earth.

But I have also used regular laundry soap to do my diapers for a short time. They worked really well cleaning it but I prefer to use the gentle ones today.

You will question yourself a lot about whether you should use baby/ gentle or regular soap to clean your cloth diaper.

In my short experience, I have realized that the diapers are actually the babies’ potty and that potty has to be cleaned properly! So if my baby soap is not doing the job, I have to find one soap that does. So don’t be afraid to try.

In addition to the gentle soap, I also use chlorine- free bleach. They are biodegradable and non- toxic and gentle enough for baby diapers.

I wash my diapers every other day, BUT since things are changing around here- my toddler is using less diapers through the day- I started sometimes do it every three days. Let’s see…

How to wash your cloth diapers? My simple routine.

Here is my current routine:


My routine in truth start days prior to the actual washing day. After every diaper change, I quick rinse the diapers in the sink prior to put them in the pile. If soiled with number two, I dump the poop in the toilet and rinse the diaper as I mentioned before.

Why do I do that? It is not something I see parents doing to be honest- at least the way I do- but it’s something that definitely helps to keep the diapers from smelling in the pile and I just prefer to remove the excess of whatever soiled them.

Now, it is something I personally do BUT you do not have to do the same. You can just remove the diaper from your child- in case of poop throw it in the toilet first- and put the dirty diaper in the pail. Done!

There is no hard and fast rule here. It is all really up to you and your family’s routine and lifestyle. No judgments!

Also, don’t think that it is a waste or it will take too much of your time. It of course is one more little step, but when you do this over and over, it becomes second nature.

We had to do this small step when we lived in an apartment and had to keep the diaper pile in the bathroom and we have been doing it so far. Let’s see if it changes with the arrival of a new baby.

Tip: If you have a laundry room with a sink, keep the pail close to the sink. So it will be easier to rinse it and throw it in there.


The way I wash my diapers is pretty simple and has nothing out of ordinary- at least for me. I see diapers as the cloth they really are. Nothing more than that!

To wash, I prefer powdered laundry soap, but I use liquid too.

I put all my diapers in the washer with a full cup of whatever soap I am using, and wash in a hot setting. If I think my diapers need more soap, I for sure add some more. Remember, they have to be cleaned well!

On top of that, I add half cup of baking soda- or more if I think the diapers need, but no more than a cup- and half cup of chlorine free bleach.


I dry my diapers in normal cycle but not too hot though. I usually add to my drier little balls to help with the static part instead of drying sheets. It was in truth a recommendation from my toddler’s pediatrician.

Also, I just started drying my diapers with a little bag of naturally scented lavender buds. The diapers come out of the drier smelling wonderful!

Having a washing routine using a gentle soap, chlorine free bleach and baking soda in combination has helped me keeping the diapers clean for longer periods of time with less need of stripping them.

Now, how do you wash your cloth diapers? What are your tips and tricks?

Share with us in the comments below! Let us know your secrets! I would love to hear about your experience with it!

See you around the blog,

Xo <3


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