What are the Essential Things You Need to Start with Cloth Diapers?

Essential Things You Need to Cloth Diaper

Are you wondering what are the essential things you need to start with cloth diapers? I know, you might be feeling overwhelmed already right? You have done tons of research and might be feeling like you can not get your head around it, am I right?

You might also be wondering if cloth is the right way to go and if you’ll regret your choice later. I am here to tell you that you are not alone! It happened exactly the same with me when I first started. You can read here how I quickly decided on my cloth diaper stash.

I might not be able to answer all your questions, but I honestly tried to simplify as much as I could. Just so you know, I don’t have and have never wanted an arsenal of things. I have the essentials, at least what I consider essential to me.

A few of the items included here I do not have. But I made sure to include them so you would be familiar with it.

Everybody’s wishes and needs are unique, so are yours. You might want something different than I do, but I hope that you find help here to set you up in the right direction.

What are the Essential Things You need to Start with Cloth Diapers?


First, I would say diapers of course! You have to choose the system you want to use first. For that, head to 6 different types of cloth diapers and their components post to help you throughout.

Diapers are essential, and you’ll start well with this one. After choosing the best system for you, you’ll be pretty much half way through.

Twenty four diapers are the amount recommended to start. You can start with more or less than that. I have 21 diapers and usually wash them every other day since my daughter was six months old. 21 diapers has always worked.

Diaper pail

A must have I should say. You will need a diaper pail to put the dirty diapers in. I have a bucket I bought at the $.99 store that I’ll be soon upgrading with the arrival of a second child – more dirty diapers if you know what I am saying.

My pail does not have a lid as I usually see other people having. This is because I like the idea of the diapers having some air and not being covered and stuffy.


You’ll need wipes. Here you have a few choices of regular wipes, cloth wipes and paper. I use paper towels for number two and cloth wipes – which are nothing more than wash cloths bought at Target – for pee.

For sure I have used regular wipes, and in truth I still do when I am outside the house or if I run out of it at the house. I try to stick with the more gentle ones.


You’ll need this one for any kind of diaper you decide to use – cloth or disposable. There are recommendations of certain ointments for cloth diapers, usually the petroleum-free ones.

I use natural oils in small quantities and eventually regular petroleum based ointments in very small amounts too. I also just started using no ointment at all for some changes throughout the day. It has been working just fine.


Do you need a snappi? Well it will depend. If you are using flat or pre-fold as a diaper for your newborn, then ABSOLUTELY! These two systems can also be used as inserts, and if you use them for that, you won’t need a snappi.

If you do decide to go with flats or pre-fold systems, a diaper cover is a must have too.

Note that some people will prefer to use a pin. This is all up to you. I don’t like the idea, but I support anybody who wants to use it. Remember everybody is free to choose!

Diaper sprayer

Lots of of moms who cloth diaper have it and love it. I have never had one, and I don’t intend to have it with my second born. Why? I don’t miss it and haven’t had the need so far.

You might like the idea to have one, and that is why it is included in the list here.

Wet bag

I don’t have one, but usually moms have it as an essential. If you are outside the house, you may want to have one for your dirty diapers. Or you may use it as your diaper pail in the house.

I honestly have never had a need for one. If I am out and about, I usually have a ziplock bag for my dirty diapers. I also use any bag I have in my car whether they are plastic or not.

If you have a small plastic container in your trunk, you can put the dirty diapers in there too. Lots of options.

I think I covered it all! You see, there is no big secret to jump start with cloth diapers. Even though I don’t have them all, I believe those are the most common essentials you’ll need to start with cloth diapers.

What are your most essentials for cloth diapering? Share in the comments below!

I would love to hear from you!

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