10 Hospital Bag Must-Haves for Baby Number Two

10 Must Haves

What are your 10 hospital bag must-haves for baby number two? Today, I’ll be sharing my ten hospital bag must-haves for baby number two that I definitely missed the first time around.

I am 33 weeks pregnant and was wondering what was in my hospital bag for baby number one! I know, I should know right? And if you don’t remember, you shouldn’t feel bad either.

Besides all the blurriness that happens after the delivery, I couldn’t be quite sure of what I had in my hospital bag that time. Then giving it some thought, I surely could remember a few things I didn’t bring with me that I for sure didn’t want to miss this time.

So I sat down with hubby and asked him what were those items that he thinks we missed too.

If this is your first time, your tendency will be over packing. Everybody does it, I am guilty of it myself. But this second time around, I wanted to keep things simple just bringing enough. And your enough might still look like a lot! But that’s okay too.

You might give birth in a hospital close to your home, and your partner can go home and bring the stuff you forgot. But here is the reality, once you are in the hospital, things will automatically change, and the better organized you are the better for you! You never know.

One thing to remember is to pack for you, for baby AND for hubby too – of course he can pack his stuff, but it is always good to remind him of the essentials. If husband is good and well set, he can help better right? Especially the first time ones.

So here is my top ten hospital bag must-haves. They would’ve made all the difference if I brought them the first time around.

10 Hospital Bag Must-Haves for Baby Number Two

Pillows – I know it sounds like too much, but I’ll explain why. The hospital has pillows for you, as many as you want BUT they don’t do the work well. They are too thin, and you need to have several of them to make it work okay for you. I stayed in the hospital for three nights and two days for my first baby. Thus, I really needed better pillows. So bring your own pillows for you and for husband, especially if he is staying overnight.

I didn’t have a nursing pillow, so I always used a normal pillow for my first child. It worked great! So bring pillows to the hospital AND bring with old pillow cases.

A quick note here, I’ll be bringing the pillows this time, but not just for the sake of sleeping well. Realistically speaking, you won’t get that much sleep in the hospital. The nurses are in and out of the room all the time making it hard for you to sleep deeply and perhaps rest.

Document folder – My first time around, I lost my baby vaccination card and I needed a second one. The cost for a second would be $25 in the Pediatrician’s office but free if requested in the hospital. So check first with the hospital you delivered before buying a new one.

It’s very easy to happen if you do not have an appropriate place to put the tons of documents the hospital gives you. No need to buy a new one. Use any folder – paper or plastic – that you already have, and just give it a name so you know what the folder is all about later.

Clothes to wear during your hospital stay and go-home – for you, husband and baby. First time around I wore the hospital gown all the time. Wearing your own clothes might even make you not only feel good but more comfortable having visitors and taking photos. You don’t have to bring anything too special, unless you want to. That said you can bring a robe or a light loose dress that is comfortable for the day.

And for the night, comfortable pajamas or whatever you usually sleep in might do the trick.

Bring some clothes for you to go home! A simple comfortable loose dress may do the trick. Bring going home clothes for baby too, and if you will be taking photos at the hospital, bring something to dress up baby! During your hospital stay, the hospital pretty much provides the “clothes” for your baby.

The hospital usually has photography services. In case I decide to use the service, my baby will be just like the first one – naked or with a diaper and using a cute receiving blanket I brought from home for photos.

For your husband, underwear is a must as well as a pair of t-shirts and socks. If he is staying for the night, comfortable clothes to sleep in is a wonderful idea too.

The hospital is usually cold. So bring a sweater or cardigan for both of you.

It’s up to you if you want to buy a gown. For me I will just use what I already have. I didn’t want to spend too much for a gown I would wear only during my hospital stay.

A word of advice here is to bring a gown that facilitates breastfeeding. It will come in handy as the time to breastfeed comes. Camis will do, but nothing is better than clothes that will easily open in front. Also, if you have any issues breastfeeding, like cracked nipples as I did, you’ll want something to wear that won’t be rubbing on it all the time.

Nursing bras or Nursing exercise bras – I have a couple of nursing bras that are very comfortable. But when I gave birth I didn’t, so I had to call my sister-in-law to bring a nursing bra to the hospital.

Buy one that is comfortable and will give you good support since the breast will be heavier and can cause some discomfort around your neck and shoulders.

Not an essential in my opinion, but a bra, exercise bra or bralet for the time you are in labor. It just might make you feel more comfortable as you are there going through the whole process while people are coming in and out. I’ll just were a gown this time, but I want to mention it here just in case.

Snoring Device – I am serious darling! Do not laugh at me. If your husband snores like mine, please bring a snoring device if he uses one. It will make life a whole lot easier on everybody!

Body/hand/face lotion – Bring body, hand and face lotion of your preference that really moisturizes. I recommend a baby-safe one with a very subtle scent. Your skin can be very dry after delivery, especially if you have some medication. So bring it! You won’t regret it.

Flip Flops – for me a must-have. You may not think so, but if you shower in the hospital, you might get grossed out from the shower floor. A must-have!

Snacks – Dear brought-from-home snacks, I love you so much! Bring snacks for you and husband and as much as you think will be needed. Bring dry snacks such as fruits (prunes excellent easy up constipation), nuts and energy bars. Also, a few fresh fruits like oranges or apples that are easier to carry.

I’ll be bringing some dry oats, which are pretty easy to carry too, and mixing them with milk or yogurt in the hospital. Oats are fantastic to boost your milk supply. It might also help you with digestion as long as you drink plenty of water.

Why bring your own snacks? The hospital provides them, but on their own schedule. Besides, food in the hospital is just food from the hospital. Even the fruits taste neh. There will be a lot of jello going on – I want to laugh as I write this. I am just not a big fan of jello.

So bring your snacks!

A bag – plastic or not – for dirty clothes. That was something I needed immensely for some dirty clothes or bras that will get wet with breast milk.

Floss – I can’t live without floss! And I don’t remember if the hospital gave it to us. If you are anything like me, BRING YOUR OWN FLOSS!

So those are my ten hospital bag must-haves! Everybody’s needs are different, but I hope you could find some helpful information here.

I know that there are other basic things that you should bring in your hospital bag, so for that check What are the most basic recommended hospital bag must-haves.

What are your hospital bag must-haves? Share in the comments below. I would love to get inspired by you!

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