Most Basic Recommended Hospital Bag Must-Haves

Recommended Hospital Bag Must Haves

What are the most basic recommended hospital bag must-have items that we should be bringing to the hospital? If you are a first time parent, you’ll probably bring TONS of things that you won’t even touch. Maybe because you won’t have a need for them OR the hospital will provide them for you. Surprise! It’s completely understandable! I did the same thing.

With that said, I’ll be listing for you the most basic things you can bring to the hospital. Not everybody is the same, so this list is a quick reminder of the basics. It is not a hard fast rule list where I am saying you must bring them all.  So pick the ones you think that you’ll need the most.

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The hospital usually provides the basics such as deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrush, lip balm, socks, towels, disposable panties, pacifier, dermoplast- spray to help sooth bottom discomfort, pads, baby diapers, some baby t-shirts, baby ointment, baby receiving blankets and swaddle blankets, baby hat and a few other things.

But there are a few things you might consider bringing that the hospital does not provide. So here we go!

Most Basic Recommended Hospital Bag Must-Haves

My Hospital usually recommends that you have two bags. One for the labor and delivery room and a second one for your hospital stay.

Infant car seat! Most important one. You can’t leave the hospital without it! They are very strict about it.

Documents | birth plan – just a few copies of your birth plan will do. I had just two copies. A copy of your labor and delivery pre-registration form too.

Camera | Camera batteries| Camera charger | Camera cable | Tripod – the hospital, at least the one where I delivered my first baby, has a photography service. They are not free, and if you want to make use of the service, get ready to spend at least $150 for it.

So bringing your own camera will help you to take your own photos and save some bucks if budget is in your way. I brought my camera but ended up using the hospital service too. This time around I want to try taking my own photos.

Don’t forget your camera batteries and charger! A must-have! You don’t want to run out of batteries when you need it the most right? I have a camera with a rechargeable battery, but if you don’t have one, bring regular batteries with you.

Bring a tripod if you have one! It will help you to take some family shots when you don’t have anybody there to snap a shot for you. Or maybe you will just want to record a video of your new family in the privacy of the hospital room.

It holds true to the camera cable as well. It’s a good idea to transfer the photos to your computer in case you run out of space in your camera. Of course you can also make space in your camera before, and you can use your cellphone BUT…better to be safe than sorry.

Cellphone | Cellphone charger or Portable charger – this one is obvious but very easy to forget in the heat of the moment. My husband and I have two different cellphone chargers so we have to have both chargers in the bag. You don’t want to take the risk of losing power in your cellphone and not be able to communicate with family during the process.

I plan to prepare my hospital bag a month before my due date (first baby came two weeks early, and my hospital bag wasn’t ready yet) and to make a habit throughout the month of keeping cellphone chargers in there when not in use.

Laptop or iPad | iPod | Chargers – If you work from your computer or have a business you manage with it, you might consider bringing it with you. Or you might only bring it for entertainment. Bring an iPod for music, especially if you have a specific list for this special day.

Makeup – yes bring it if you use it. The very basics will do – mascara, lipstick, maybe some powder. I am not a big makeup person. Maybe not a makeup person at all. But makeup will be handy in case you take some photos. Besides, if you are feeling a little bit blue, a little bit of mascara can do wonders for you and lift up your spirit.

Hair brush | Hair band | Head band – I didn’t need a brush to be honest, but it is a good idea if you use it on a daily basis. Definitely bring a hair band. A head band during labor might be a good idea to have if you usually use one. You may sweat or throw up or just need your hair out of the way. I kept my hair all the way back to avoid any annoyance.

Deodorant – my hospital provided it for me and yours might too. But if you use a specific type of deodorant as I do, you might want to bring your own. Bring one for your husband if you don’t share deodorant with him.

Book – I have seen some people recommending a book to read. I really couldn’t read a book at any time before and after. I spent most of my time after the delivery with my baby, talking to my husband, walking in the hospital, checking my cellphone and having visitors. But if you are a book worm, it might be a good idea.

Clothes – bring a change of clothes for you, for baby and husband. You might want to wear something different than the hospital gown. Especially if you’ll be having visitors or taking shots. Remember to bring clothes for you and baby to go home too.

A workout bra might be a good idea too while in labor. You just might feel more comfortable and less exposed at that moment. I didn’t care about that much, but if you do, bring one to keep yourself more comfortable.

A nursing bra is a good idea too for after the delivery if you are considering breastfeeding. They just make life much easier.

Don’t worry about panties if you have a vaginal delivery. A disposable undergarment will be provided by the hospital. But bring regular panties if you want and think you’ll use them.

Bring baby diapers if you prefer not to use the ones provided by the hospital. I’ll be bringing a more gentle Eco-friendly version of disposable diapers. You also want to have some to bring baby home just in case.

Snacks – for you and for your partner. Snacks are always a good idea. Usually the hospital has a cafeteria for bigger meals, but check with the hospital for its hours of operation.

I think that covers pretty much most of the basics that you would be bringing to the hospital. Make sure to go through this list and see what are the most important things you would bring in your specific case. Make it a fun event!

And you can also read to learn what are my 10 essential hospital bag must-haves besides these basic ones.

I hope this list helps you to better organize for your hospital stay!

Have I missed anything in this hospital bag must-have list that you’d like to point out? If I did, please leave your suggestions in the comments below. I would love to hear from you!

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