Last Minute Simple Fall Decor Ideas – My Home

I am getting to love fall season as well as understanding the whole thing around it: the colors, the food, the smells, the holidays and so on.

Growing up, the only thing that would make me know and distinguish that it was Fall season was the fact that the leaves were falling down from the trees. Where I grew up, Fall is kind of a rainy season. There isn’t really a specific smell or food or the transition from warm weather to a much cooler one. I am loving that I can live the Fall vibes much more now than when I grew up.

This is the first year we will be spending Fall in a house – we lived in an apartment before. It is also the first time that I’ll be giving a little more thought to decorating the house. If you know me, you might already know that I have a new baby and a toddler and that they keep me busy. So an easy-to-do, time saving, low budget, no trouble and no hassle decor was all what I was looking for.

I don’t have any decor knowledge, so the way I decorated my home is very personal and my very own. This decor might include Halloween decor as well since I had family coming over for a little family get together for Halloween.

Decorating the house became important to me after having my children. I think it will be fun for them to see the seasons changing and the difference between each one in their own home. Plus it is so so much fun to do!

I hope this post sparks in you a desire to decorate your home for the holidays if you haven’t started it already. So let me share with you my last minute Fall decoration.

Last Minute Simple Fall Decor Ideas – My Home

1- DIY Fall Door Wreath

First let me start with this DIY Fall wreath I made to hang on my door. It is pretty cute, simple and easy to make. Best of all, it took me about 10 minutes to get it done.


Fall wreath


2- Fall Dry Flowers

I just made a dry/artificial flower arrangement with some dry flowers I got from the craft store. I bought colors that suited the season well and played a little bit with different shades that would complement each other.

NOTE: Be careful buying dry flowers. Be mindful that some dry flowers sometimes have a very strong smell that might not be pleasant. I have bought those and really regretted it. So pay attention to that.


Fall Dry Flowers

Fall Dry Flowers


3- Family Wooden Plaque

I also got a wooden plaque saying “family” instead of Fall. This plaque has a little jute decoration on the sides and was made to hang, but I used it on the mantel above the fireplace.

Fall Decor



4- Maple Leaf Garlands

I bought two different maple leaf garlands. I used the yellow one on the mantel and the red one on the wreath I crafted. They are cute and have a few leaves with glitter which brings more attention to it and gives some contrast with the matte leaves.

Fall Wreath


5- Fall Pumpkin Shaped Basket

I put an old pumpkin shaped basket I bought a while ago on the shelf of my living room. The Fall colors of the flower arrangement and basket looked good on the white shelves.

Fall Decor


6- Owl Statue

This owl is also an old piece of decor I have. It went right on top of the mantel with my candles.


Fall Decor


7- DIY Pumpkin

This is one of my favorite pieces that I have decorating my home. It was made by my toddler. We just painted – and finger painted – a paper pumpkin we got from the craft store. We had so much fun doing it, and it ended up on my front door table as a piece of Fall decoration.

Fall Decor


8- Fresh Flowers

I used fresh Fall color flowers for my Halloween family get together. It was a great piece of decor for the whole week!

Fall Decor


9- Pine Cones, Lights and Yellow Roses

I added a few pine cones to the mantel and some lights with the shape of a jack-o-lantern in orange color. The yellow roses were brought as a gift from my sis-in-law for our Halloween gathering.


Fall Decor


10- Small Fresh Pumpkins

To finish up, I also added a few small fresh pumpkins to the front door table to complete the decor.


Fall Decor


And that was all for my Fall Decor this year! I hope it has inspired you and sparked in you a desire to get crafty and get going with the holiday’s decorations. You don’t need to do too much to bring the holiday vibes in especially when your time is short!

How are you decorating your house this year?

See you around the blog,




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